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There's a great sense of accomplishment in producing a barrel of world-class wine and having it bottled under your own private label

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The Winery

Here the process comes to life as you collaborate with the winemaking team on every detail of your wine, from blending to barrel toast. Assisted through each phase of the process, you'll be rewarded on release day with wine that's comparable in quality to Napa Valley's finest.


Though we offer a multitude of ways for our Members to enjoy the club, the most rewarding aspect of membership at The Reserve is enjoying the final product. The experience, which H. William Harlan describes as “capturing the whole season of work in a bottle of wine,” is a fulfilling one that all Members across the globe will be able to enjoy many years down the road.


The barrel aging caves have a unique ambiance, reflecting the quality and the art of winemaking


From December onward, the wine is put into oak barrels to mature. Tour the rows of barrels from myriad producers and you'll come to understand how these masterfully crafted vessels bestow subtle nuances upon the finished wines.

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The Winemaking Process

During the winter months we invite you to work with the cellarmaster performing the traditional crafts of topping, barrel sampling and barrel-to-barrel racking. You may also wish to select barrel types and desired toast. Working with a label designer, this is also the ideal time to design a custom label.


After aging and before bottling, you may work closely with the winemaking team to develop your own personal wine blends. Wine is extracted from the barrels and the optimal balance of flavor in the wine is determined. Throughout the barrel aging process, you'll work with our cellarmaster to test the development of your wines in the barrels.

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After one to two years in the barrel the final blend is determined and the wine is ready for bottling. During the summer months, the very personal process of naming your wine, designing your label and selecting the size and shape of your bottle becomes real and the wine becomes an expression of you.


September and October — harvest season — are months of great activity. Join in as grapes are hand-picked before dawn while they're still cool then gently hand-sorted and put into tanks and barrels.


Daily activities include following the fermentations, monitoring sugar and temperature levels, performing traditional punch-downs, pump-overs, barrel stirring and barrel rotations.

In the end, the reward is in the bottle