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We invite you to experience the seasons through the annual life of the vineyard

The Napa Valley Reserve offers the opportunity to experience and enjoy the way of life that surrounds the production of wine. Napa Valley living is inspired by agriculture, food and wine and is connected through farming, the ebb and flow of the seasons and a love of the land.

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Winter is a time of quiet beauty. The vines are dormant and storing nutrients for the coming year's growth. From January through March, join the pruners and viticulturists to practice the latest techniques of this time-honored tradition. In the spring, the sap will rise and the buds will swell where successful cuts have been made.


Crisp mornings and warm days give rise to early growth on the vines. In late May and early June the vine clusters flower and set fruit for the coming harvest. Soon, small grape clusters that will ultimately mature to ripe fruit appear on the vines and leaf shoots spring from the bare vines.

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There's a great deal to do in the vineyard in an effort to promote optimal ripening of the fruit. Work with the vineyard crew during the summertime as leaves and clusters are thinned and shoots are trimmed to ensure the very best ripening of the grapes. In late August, return to the vineyards to assist with the final thinning of grape clusters that will leave only the optimal clusters to ripen.


The morning air is crisp. Afternoons are warm, with nights cooling quickly. The light is softer, with the sun low in the sky and leaves turn slowly from vibrant green to yellow. Purple clusters contrast against the greens, yellows and browns of the vines.


At the moment when the winemaker decides the grapes are ready to be picked, the harvest begins. Harvest days begin before dawn. We head out to the vineyards to begin the day's picking. Throughout the morning harvest continues with grapes being brought to the winery for hand-sorting

To describe the vineyard is to
describe nature itself

The Napa Valley Reserve vineyards are overseen by the Harlan family viticultural team. These talented artisans have a keen understanding of the seasons of a vineyard and a mastery of the art of hand-crafting wines using time-honored traditions in balance with new practices and techniques.