In a beautiful, private wine
country setting...

On a property reflective of the region's agricultural history, reconnect with your passion for wine and a way of life authentic only to Napa Valley. Where gracious wine service enhances  the enjoyment of comparative tastings, blending sessions and educational wine and food pairing experiences. This is a place for all seasons. Winter, spring, summer and autumn all bring opportunities for the enjoyment of a life lived outdoors...where the air is fresh and sweet and the scenery natural and beautiful.

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The Setting

Located in the heart of Napa Valley, The Reserve's eighty-acre property is framed on all sides by natural boundaries, defining a proportion that's perfectly suited to a fine wine estate.


With acres of vineyards, orchards and gardens, the property is reminiscent of some of the great wine estates of Europe, many of which have been held within the same families for centuries

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Form & Function...

find a perfect marriage at The Reserve.


The barns and working buildings that comprise The Reserve feel completely natural in their settings on the estate. From the outside they celebrate the farming heritage of Napa Valley. Step inside, however, and you'll find the traditions of the past wedded with the innovations of today.

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To Work or Not To Work

Join us for harvest, lend your hand on blending day...or not! If you're too busy one year, The Reserve winemaking team, led by Harlan Estate Winemaker Bob Levy and Winemaker Marco Gressi, will deliver the exceptional wine you've come to expect...all in a day's work.

Celebrations at The Reserve
are created around the appreciation of wine paired with food
with the idea that every gathering held on the estate should deliver memories that will last a lifetime

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Lifelong Learning

Making wine alongside others who share your passion is only one of the ways the Club brings the enjoyment of wine to life. Educational programs on the history of wine, winery technology and innovations, label and package design and the relationship between wine and food add enrichment with  every visit.


The Reserve is a summit for those who share a passion for lifelong learning. Diverse wine and viticultural topics are touched upon by visiting guests who've included names such as Antinori, Robinson, Rolland, Fleishman, Tanzer, Asimov and Riedel, among others.

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The Gardens

A brilliant patchwork between the barns and vineyards, our acres of gardens are a colorful delight. Tour the winery gardens and vineyards and you'll step to nature's tempo while enjoying The Reserve's wines.


On the traditional wine estates of Europe, properties were planted to sustain the needs of the family. The wines on the table came from the vineyard surrounding the home as did the ingredients for meals that would complement the family's wines. The Reserve honors this tradition.

The Reserve is a summit for those who share a passion for lifelong learning