Estate Report: 2016 Olive Harvest
Mark Griffin, Estate Manager
Following the monster crop of 2015 with 19.7 tons, the 2016 olive crop was surprising larger than we had predicted. Our 2015 Estate Blend earned the Gold Medal at the California State Fair, which was much appreciated recognition that resulted in us selling out of it within a week of release. This latest crop came in at 11.5 tons, yielding 376 gallons of beautiful oil. The quality was fantastic and paralleled this year’s awesome grape harvest. Prior to and during the olive harvest, we received a little rain, but clearly the quality was not impacted—partly due to the relatively good growing conditions this year. 
Garden Report
Bill Burr, Head Gardener
Yet another bountiful summer/fall season is in the books here at The Reserve. The early rains in October are more than welcome, which hopefully signifies a rainy winter ahead despite the La Niña predictions. 
The 2016 harvest was an amazing year for our fruit. For comparisons, in 2015, we had a total of 1470 pounds of fruit, whereas in 2016 we had a total of 1720 pounds—250 pounds more. We also had significantly more plums this year—actually, it was the best fruit set in four years. 
Winemaker Report
Marco Gressi, The Napa Valley Reserve Winemaker
Another great vintage is behind us—tucked away behind the cellar doors in barrels. Even though it’s very early to make any statements regarding the quality of the first wines drained to barrels, we winegrowers throughout the valley can’t but agree that 2016 has all the qualities and characteristics to be another great year.